Discover the Top 11 Food Truck Websites Setting Trends in 2024

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The food truck is where convenience meets culinary creativity. But as with all food businesses, a great website is still a must. Luckily, there are some excellent food truck website examples out there, many of them built with some of our favorite restaurant website builders.

Whether you’re a food truck aficionado aiming to refurbish your website or a seasoned chef with grand dreams of a kitchen-on-wheels, the top 11 food truck website examples we’ve collected below will serve up some seriously mouthwatering inspiration.

Food Truck Catering Company

A big red food truck with traffic driving in the background.
The image is striking, and the CTA is clear from the moment you land on Food Truck Catering’s website.

Food Truck Catering Company’s website is a professional showcase that engages visitors instantly. The layout is clean and balanced, with well-placed calls-to-actions (CTAs) like “Request A Quote” prominently featured.

As you scroll, the owner’s journey and customer praises unfold, enriching the narrative further. A full-width hero image flaunts FTCC’s vibrant red truck alongside joyful customer snapshots peppered throughout.

A stack of cannoli, a traditional Italian dessert made with fried pastry dough tubes filled with whipped cream and chocolate chips.
Brooklyn Dessert Co. is one of Food Truck Catering Company’s offerings.

What captivates us most, though, are the enticing visuals of lush desserts and hearty tacos alongside delightful scenes of people savoring the fare. It brilliantly entices online customers with a website that’s built to make the mouth water and showcase its different food truck offerings.

A close-up of a person holding a taco, a traditional Mexican dish made with a corn tortilla filled with seasoned meat, vegetables, and cheese.
Food Truck Catering Company does a good job of showcasing its food trucks with big, eye-catching images.
Top Tip: A clean layout, customer testimonials, and compelling images of your offerings can significantly enhance user engagement and entice online visitors.


Restaurant website screenshot showing reservations may be available. Call (314) 777-0020 to inquire.
Zia’s homepage

Nestled in St. Louis, Missouri, Zia’s On The Hill reaches customers with a well-curated website reflecting its food truck charm. Shying away from being overly flashy, it embraces elegance and simplicity with clear direction and easy navigation.

Food truck parked in front of a restaurant with Zia's on the awning.
Zia’s highlights its food truck with strong imagery.

Indeed, the layout is user-centric, subtly enticing visitors towards Zia’s primary offerings. It’s fair to say that the website mirrors the brand’s warm ambiance in online form and serves as a fine example of blending simplicity with effective user engagement. It’s a great example of how to create a strong brand for anyone setting up their own food truck restaurant and online food ordering system.

Homepage of Zia's Shop, selling salad dressings, sauces, and other food products.
The shop portion of Zia's website adds another dynamic, giving people a chance to interact with the brand even when they aren't visiting the food truck.

The Tropic Truck

Screenshot of the homepage of The Tropic Truck's website, a food truck specializing in grilled seafood and charbroiled meats.
The Tropic Truck’s full-length video captures your attention from the moment you land on the website.

The moment you land on The Tropic Truck’s page, visuals of the truck, the expansive ocean, and picturesque roads seize your attention, perfectly setting the site’s Caribbean tone. What’s commendable is the seamless integration of functionality amidst this backdrop.

A menu with plates of quesadillas and fries, including jerk chicken, pork, Angus steak, shrimp, veggie, and surf n' turf quesadillas.
An image-centric menu sets the tone and gives browsers a visual taste of what to expect.

Right from the header, visitors have the convenience of placing an order for pick-up or booking the truck. This blend of aesthetic allure with user-centric functionality not only enhances the user experience but also entices visitors to explore the Caribbean culinary adventure awaiting them.

Polaroid images of food trucks pinned to a board.
The pollard-style images are a nice touch that adds to the aesthetic of the website.

Curry Up Now

A wooden table topped with bowls of Indian food, including curry, rice, and naan bread.
Curry Up Now’s homepage keeps it simple with a bold image and CTA button.

Expect a visual feast of Indian street food in the San Francisco vicinity with Curry Up Now. What started as one food truck is now four, plus five restaurants, two cocktail bars, and a catering business. The company’s narrative is beautifully carried through as soon as you land on the website and upon entry, visitors are greeted by an engaging header image showcasing what’s on offer.

A close-up photo of a plate of Indian food, including chana masala, rice, and lamb fryums. The chana masala is a thick, flavorful lentil curry, the rice is fluffy and white, and the lamb fryums are crispy and flaky. The food is served on a white plate with a silver fork and spoon.
Curry Up Now tells its brand story with simple copy and accompanying visuals.

As you delve deeper into the site, the bold color palette unfolds and complements the easy-to-use online ordering system and digital menu. These features are not just aesthetic choices but crucial components that enhance the user journey, intertwining practicality with a vibrant visual appeal.

A collage of images of different types of food, including Indian street food, biryani, burritos, and thali.
Curry up Now’s CTAs are all bright, bold, and front and center.

The Oyster Lover

A close-up photo of a plate of oysters on a wooden table. The oysters are arranged in a spiral pattern, and they are surrounded by lemon wedges and cocktail sauce. The plate is sitting on a white tablecloth, and there is a fork and spoon on the side.
The Oyster Lover goes big on copy, using it to tell a story to visitors.

The Oyster Lover’s website steers clear of complexity with a straightforward layout that captures your attention right from the homepage. High-resolution images blend with detailed copy to set the tone, outlining the brand’s commitment to sustainability and health benefits right from the off. The inviting blue “Book Now” CTA is also hard to miss and offers an invitation to prospective diners to explore further.

A blue food truck parked next to a tree. The truck has a large sign on the side that says "The Oyster Lover Food Truck." The sign also has a picture of an oyster on it.
Images of the food truck give people a taste of what they can expect.

As visitors flick through the different pages, they’re met with a cheerful color palette and to-the-point copy.  We especially like the detailed contact and booking forms that simplify the booking process for potential customers.

Screenshot of the homepage of The Oyster Lover website, which shows a registration form for a new user. The form has fields for first name, last name, email address, and a message. There is also a dropdown menu where users can select how they heard about The Oyster Lover.
The Oyster Lover's contact form has warm and welcoming copy.
Top Tip: A clear call-to-action like a ‘Book Now’ button on your food truck website paired with high-resolution images and a simple booking process will help entice prospective diners.

The Halal Guys

A photo of a bowl of ramen with a rich, flavorful broth, topped with noodles, pork belly, mushrooms, and a soft-boiled egg. The ramen is served in a red bowl with chopsticks on the side.
The Halal Guys’s homepage

The Halal Guys is another brand that’s expanded from food trucks (or, in its case, street carts) to permanent locations. As for the website, it captivates visitors, drawing them in right from the hero section thanks to the use of video clips that show off the deliciously tempting dishes on offer.

Image of a food stand next to someone ordering food with their mobile phone.
The website covers all grounds with an ‘About Us’ page that captures the imagination with striking visuals.

The overall website design encourages food exploration from the get-go on the homepage with its food-related icons that lead to detailed information on the cuisine. It also showcases the app for a seamless ordering and delivery experience. This means that users have everything they need in one place for optimum convenience.

The Salt N Pepper Food Truck

A Salt N' Pepper food truck parked in front of a building in London, UK on Wednesday, December 6, 2023. The truck is white with a red and black logo. The text on the truck says "SALT N' PEPPER | Southern California Food Truck" and "SALTINPEPPER.COM."
The homepage keeps it simple with big, bold buttons.

The Salt N Pepper Food Truck website exemplifies simplicity, making it an ideal food truck website template for beginners in the food truck business to emulate. With just a handful of pages, the site demonstrates a smart use of space and presents an array of savory meals enticingly revealed as you hover over the menu buttons.

A person holding a grilled cheese sandwich with bacon and cheese. The sandwich is golden brown and looks melted and gooey. The person is smiling and holding up the sandwich for a photo.
Imagery plays a significant role across the site, with the aim of enticing users thanks to close-up shots of the food.

This clever interactive feature not only engages visitors but also provides a tantalizing sneak peek into the culinary delights awaiting them.

For anyone embarking on a food truck venture, following a straightforward yet engaging website template like Salt N Pepper’s can be a wise choice – the approach showcases the essence of the food truck’s offerings without overwhelming the visitor.

A collage of four photos of different foods: a pizza, a sushi roll, a hamburger, and a bowl of pasta. The pizza has a pepperoni and cheese topping. The sushi roll is a California roll, with avocado, cucumber, and imitation crab. The hamburger has a beef patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles on a bun. The bowl of pasta is spaghetti with tomato sauce and meatballs.
Words are few and far between, as the emphasis is on imagery.


A Watson's Chicken food truck parked in front of a brick building. The truck is white with a red and black logo. The text on the truck says "WATSON'S CHICKEN | Fried Chicken Sandwiches | WATSONSCHICKEN.COM."
Watsons’s homepage showcases the food truck in action.

Watson’s boasts Southern and Cajun culinary charm and is renowned for its fried chicken sandwiches. The website is a blend of simplicity and elegance, immediately greeting visitors with a full-width banner image of its inviting locale.

A Watson's merch store with a white background and blue text. The text says "WE LAUNCHED A MERCH STORE. Get Watson's gear and rep your favorite chicken shack!" There are also images of three Watson's merch items: an orange and blue football t-shirt, a unisex Watson's Shack & Rail hoodie, and a whiskey club Hallow
It’s not uncommon for food trucks to extend their offering with a merchandise store.

The color tone, weaving white, red, and brown hues, crafts a warm, welcoming ambiance. And effective use of white space ensures a clutter-free, easy-to-navigate layout. Additionally, a merchandise section extends the brand’s offering.

Contact page for Watson's
The red and white color scheme is consistent throughout the website.

The warm color scheme is more than a design choice here and extends an invitation, exuding comfort, coziness, and familiarity to enrich the user experience from the first click.

The Cookie Bar

Screenshot of the Watson's Merch Store, which shows a variety of Watson's-branded clothing and accessories.
The Cookie Bar homepage

The Cookie Bar – and its delightfully enticing cookies – is a special place for anyone seeking a sweet retreat. Despite its straightforward layout, the harmony between the website’s colors and typeface is visually appealing and easy on the eye.

Image of Cookie Bar food truck with accompanying text.
The pink theme is consistent across the website as well as the food trucks.

Creativity shines through in its imaginative and endearing logo, which adds a playful yet classy charm to the website. This continues in the overall design, however the use of white space results in a clean, uncluttered look that allows the content – especially the tempting visuals of cookies – to take center stage.

Screenshot of a bakery website selling cookies, cakes, and other baked goods. The website has a variety of categories, including "Cookies & Gourmet Treats", "Gift Boxes & Treat Trays", "Vegan-Friendly Treats", "Seasonal & Holiday Specials", "Add-Ons & Extras", and "Custom Design Treats". The featured treats are a Cozy Chai for $4.00, a Birthday Box for $52.00, and a Monster Brownie for $8.00.
The menu uses images to give users a visual look at the food on offer.
Top Tip: A harmonious color scheme, imaginative logo, and ample white spaces can create a visually appealing, user-friendly interface that highlights your offerings and entices visitors.

Cheddar Box

Grilled cheese sandwich on a plate.
Snappy copy and effective visuals lend to the experience on Cheddar Box’s homepage.

If you just so happen to seek a unique grilled cheese twist, then Cheddar Box will have your taste buds going into overdrive from the minute you land on its website. Minimalism takes center stage here, where stunning food imagery reigns supreme above all else – though the copy is pretty good, too. The opening image unveils a close-up of their tempting bites, which will have you reaching for the location sections.

A collage of photos of food and drinks sitting on a metal table in a park. The food includes a grilled cheese sandwich, a salad, a bowl of soup, a plate of fruit, and a glass of lemonade. The drinks include a cup of coffee, a bottle of water, and a can of soda.
The brand uses a cluster of small images to give people an idea of what they can expect.

Cheddar Box’s website is a visual narrative, where imagery tantalizingly teases the palate, hinting at the culinary journey awaiting. It masterfully sets the stage, building anticipation for the real-life food truck visit, making users all the more likely to place an order.

Images of magazine reviews for Cheddar Box.
Even the news section leads with imagery as the primary way to draw users in.

Miffies Plant-Based Coffee

A white food truck named Miffie's Coffee is parked in front of a tall building. The truck sells 100% plant-based coffee and other drinks.
The Miffies van in action

Looking for coffee truck design inspiration? We recommend checking out Southern California-based Miffies. Its website offers an effervescent blend of vibrant colors, animated imagery, and a heartfelt narrative of the coffee it serves. Each element intertwines to craft an atmosphere that’s both buoyant and welcoming.

Miffie's website options.
Website buttons offer something different from other websites, enticing users with imagery.

Miffies takes extra care to let visitors know its story, going into detail about the business and the vegan coffee it serves. This adds a personal touch that makes visitors feel welcome and therefore more likely to visit the truck in real life. As with any small business, making a connection with your potential customers is crucial.

Image of a person working behind the counter at a coffee shop.
Miffies captures the essence of its coffee spots across the website with matching colors and a welcoming tone.

The site exudes warmth, reflecting the atmosphere of a quaint, cozy cafe. The easy navigation, coupled with the visual storytelling, evokes a sense of familiarity and comfort, making it a delightful preshow to the actual coffee truck experience.

Summary: The Top 11 Food Truck Website Examples

So there you have it. Our pick of the best food truck website examples out there! Although each of the featured food trucks serves a different type of cuisine, they all have one thing in common: they’ve perfectly engineered their designs to appeal to their audiences.

There are plenty of lessons to be learned from the examples above, but the biggest one is that simplicity is key when trying to attract paying customers. Smart, clean designs lead the way and allow striking shots of your delicious food and drinks to do the heavy lifting. Make sure your food truck website is a visual feast before giving your customers a real-life one.

If you’re still looking for inspiration, why not check out our list of the top restaurant website examples to really get your creative tastebuds going?

Food Truck FAQs

Food trucks are mobile stands that prepare and sell food. You’ll find trucks selling a variety of cuisines, and the options on the menu are usually cost-effective and unique. The flexibility of a food truck makes it popular with entrepreneurs, who can reach different locations with ease.
Your website is a digital footprint that sets the tone for the brand. Plenty of people will find you online before they do in real life, and having a well-designed website can convince them to pay a visit to your food truck.
Simplicity is key. Make sure people can easily find important information, such as location. And do most of your talking with appealing images of your dishes. Keep the site clean with a minimal approach that puts the most important aspects front and center.
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