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Hey there, thanks for visiting our site! You’re probably wondering who we are and what we do –  settle in, we’re about to tell you everything.

Seven members of the WBE team smile at the camera in an office
The Website Builder Expert Team! Our goal is matching small businesses with the online tools they need to succeed.

Our Mission

There are around 1.13 billion websites hosted online, but only 18% of these are actually active. At Website Builder Expert, our mission is to help people create websites, grow online, and build successful and long-lasting businesses.

Whether it’s an online portfolio, an ecommerce shop, or a beloved blog, we’re here to support you on your journey.

In 2022, nearly 4 million people visited Website Builder Expert in search of help, advice, and recommendations – that resulted in 5.6 million page views in total! We want to grow that number, and continue to help millions more each year.

Ultimately, our vision is to be the number one global resource and leading authority in the website builder industry to help real people get online and build their online presence.

Our content is specifically created with our readers in mind – taking into account key factors, such as budget and ease of use – to help you choose the perfect product for your business, whether that’s a website builder, a hosting provider, or an email marketing tool.

How Do We Help You?

We recognize that there are countless ways to make, design, and host a website nowadays. And knowing where to start can be one of the most overwhelming steps!

We cut through that noise, sharing our experience, research, and user insights so you can choose the best option to get started with. And, once you’re all set up, we’ve still got your back with tons of guides to help you grow online, from creating a loyalty program to making money on Instagram.

After all, hurdles can be thrown your way at any stage of your online journey – you could be choosing a website builder or elevating your site by optimizing your videos for search engines. We want to give you the information and confidence you need to achieve your goals and thrive online. For example, we love to interview real-life businesses who can share their unique advice and experiences with you, and we regularly review the latest comments on the site to answer any questions.

Hundreds of hours go into researching, writing, checking, double-checking, and triple-checking every single article we write to make sure it’s accurate and useful for you, our readers.

You can read our in-depth reviews and guides, check out our at-a-glance comparison charts if you’re in a rush, or take one of our quizzes to get a personalized recommendation.

Our Values

So, what do we deem important at Website Builder Expert? Our values boil down to four key points:

  • Expert knowledge
    • Our in-house experts and research team have years of experience, from web design to SEO, and this informs the content produced across our site.
  • Everyday language
    • We want Website Builder Expert to be a friendly helping hand that you can rely on throughout your online journey. For this reason, we avoid using complicated jargon in our articles to make them accessible for both beginners and experienced users.
  • Trustworthy research
    • Our in-house research team has developed a world-class methodology which means we can write fairly and accurately about each product and platform. We also make sure all of our writers carry out hands-on testing of each builder so they can write from experience and share authentic feedback.
  • Impartial advice
    • All of the guides, reviews, and recommendations you see on our website are backed up by data from our in-house research team. We want to present our readers with all of the information – both good and bad – so you can confidently choose the right product for your needs.

Our Story

Website Builder Expert was founded in 2012 by the dynamic duo, Jeremy Wong and Connie Wong. Now, over a decade later, the website has evolved. In 2017, Website Builder Expert was acquired by MVF – a leading marketing and tech company – and we have a team spanning the globe, with offices in London and Austin.

Our website is trusted by nearly 400,000 people each month who seek help from the 800+ expertly written and researched articles that we’ve published over the years. And, with over 7,000 comments answered by our team, it’s clear that readers have confidence in our expertise.

We publish guides, advice, and recommendations daily – and make sure to regularly update pages to keep them fresh. Plus, all of our content always has been, and always will be, free to access for anyone that needs support to get and grow online.

Website Builder Expert, as we’ve previously said, greatly values expert knowledge, so we’ve built up a team of experts in design, UX, SEO, tech, and the best writers and researchers. Let’s meet them…

Our Team

So, what makes us experts? Our team, of course! Website Builder Expert is made up of writers, editors, researchers, developers, designers, software engineers, UX experts, SEO gurus, marketers, and more.

Collectively, we’ve had years of experience in building websites – our blend of knowledge and skills makes Website Builder Expert truly unique, and our content remains thorough, relevant, and impartial.

Watch the video to hear from members of the Website Builder Expert team, then take a look at our author profiles below to find out more about our individual team members and their expertise:

Lucile Michaut

Headshot of WBE's Managing Editor Lucile MichautLucile is Website Builder Expert’s Managing Editor, meaning she keeps the cogs of the site turning behind the scenes, identifies areas that need updating, and generates fresh content ideas.

Lucy Carney

lucy carneyLucy is the Content Manager at Website Builder Expert, working in the team since 2018. She’s in charge of editing and making sure all of the content on the site is accurate and up-to-date.

Emma Ryan

emma ryan author bioEmma is a Senior Writer for the team, focusing on producing and updating high-quality content for the website. She also manages our site’s comments section!

Jordan Glover

jordan-gloverOur Senior Writer Jordan has published over 30 articles for Website Builder Expert and updated countless more. She’s also written for various external publications, such as Noupe and State of Digital Publishing.

Jacqueline Renouard

jacJacqueline has been a Writer at Website Builder Expert since 2022, using her expert knowledge to create and update content on the site, as well as transform our newsletter and YouTube channel.

Sam Jagger

samSam is a Writer for the team and our resident social media expert. He’s created plenty of demo websites, answered over 100 comments, and written various articles on topics such as domain names and Bitcoin payments.

Rob Binns

rob-binnsRob worked as our Content Manager in 2021, creating a portfolio of articles on the technology available to help small businesses. He’s now based in Australia and works as a freelance writer, continuing to write for Website Builder Expert.

Hannah Whitfield

Hannah first started as Website Builder Expert’s Content Manager in 2019, overseeing the content production for the site. Since 2021, she continues to help small businesses as a Senior Content Marketing Manager at CREOATE.

Maura Monaghan

Maura previously worked as a Content Writer and Sub-Editor for Website Builder Expert, producing articles on web design and ecommerce. She now works as a Content Specialist for Mastercard.

Dan Barraclough

DanDan was a Writer for Website Builder Expert from 2018-2021 and has since gone on to work as a freelance writer, publishing helpful advice on sites like Nerdwallet and Growth Division.

Charlie Carmichael

Charlie worked as both a Writer and Researcher for the site, bringing a unique perspective to his content. Since 2019, Charlie’s focused his time on his true love – soccer – and is the Content Lead at GiveMeSport.

Natasha Willett

natasha_willett-bNatasha is Website Builder Expert’s Lead Researcher, responsible for analyzing the builders and platforms discussed on our site. She’s clocked over 9,600 hours of product research and testing to bring you accurate and fair recommendations.

Lucy Nixon

Black and white headshot of Lucy Nixon smiling at the cameraFollowing a career in digital marketing, Lucy started writing for Website Builder Expert in 2021 and has since written over 90 articles for our site.

Owain Williams

Owain Wiliams headshot smiling at cameraOwain specializes in turning complex topics into digestible content. He began writing and briefing content for Website Builder Expert in 2019, producing over 50 articles so far.

Amanda Graham

Smiling headshot of Amanda GrahamWith years of professional writing experience, Amanda brought her knowledge and enthusiasm to Website Builder Expert in 2022. She’s since written over 20 articles for the site.

Our In-Depth Research

This is what really sets us apart from other sites. When we say we offer impartial advice, this is where we can prove it.

We have an in-house research team who test the products, survey users, and get people just like you to try these platforms out. Our extensive user testing, with real people, provides the base for all of our content.

We don’t hide things or sugarcoat products. No builder, platform, or tool is ever 100% perfect – and we’ll let you know the negatives and positives, so you can make the most informed choice.

When it comes to research, our work is never done. The online world is a fast-moving one, with updates being made every month. We’re continually testing and retesting products to make sure our content is always up-to-date.

If you want to find out more about our research process, take a look at our guide on how we conduct our website builder research and how we conduct our hosting research. Or, if you’re interested in creating an online store, you can read our page on how we carry out our ecommerce website builder research.

We're Talking To You...

We have thousands of visitors, just like you, coming to our site every day. That’s why we take the opportunity to listen and learn from you.

You can comment on any of our articles – ask us some questions, or challenge us – and we’ll always take the time to read and reply.

Often, you may see a little pop-up with a question. Don’t worry! That’s just us trying to learn more about what you and our users want from us. We’ve made tons of changes to the website based on user feedback – so thank you!

How We're Funded

Website Builder Expert is funded by referral traffic. For example, if you read our Wix review, and then sign up for one of its paid plans after following a link on our page, we’ll receive a small commission.

The fact that most website builders and ecommerce platforms offer free trials or money-back periods means that unless you’re happy, we don’t get a cent.

This means that it’s in our best interest to provide you with clear, up-to-date, realistic, and impartial advice and recommendations.

You can take a look at our disclosure page for more information about how we make money.

And that’s us!

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us. We hope to be as transparent as possible in everything we do, but if you have any questions, get in touch at info@websitebuilderexpert.com

The WBE Team

Written by:
emma ryan author bio
I’m a Senior Writer at Website Builder Expert, which means I’m part of a great team that produces and updates content for the website. I specialize in writing highly-researched and accessible guides, comparisons, and reviews that provide readers with everything they need to know about getting started and growing online. I’ve also written about small businesses for Startups.co.uk, video optimization for Industry Today, and HTML for Digital Information World. While working for Website Builder Expert, I’ve gained expertise in website builders, ecommerce platforms, and hosting providers through hands-on testing and research analysis. I’ve also attended expos to further my industry knowledge – all of this helps me pitch fresh article ideas for the website. Additionally, I manage our website’s comments which allows me to have a good understanding of what you, our readers, care about.